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Help with Oregon Health Plan

A challenging surprise is coming for many Oregonians who have been enrolled in Oregon Health Plan (OHP) since the Covid Pandemic began in 2020. Now, for the first time in three years income updates and verification are now being required to maintain coverage with OHP. The expected impact is estimated to effect about 300,000 current OHP members who will lose this coverage over the next 14 months. The good news is our agency will be able to support many of these people to be able to maintain affordable coverage through the Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace. Our help is always free and we help advise clients toward the best options to maintain providers and get the best rates to remain insured by private insurance companies. Access to health care is a baseline need for anyone!

Oregon Health Plan

As an example, Oregon residents who earn up to 133% of the federal poverty level — roughly $37,000 a year for a family of four — will remain eligible for the Oregon Health Plan, including adults. Children are eligible at much higher income levels. The state is proactively working to keep those who should remain enrolled automatically covered. While others without clear eligibility will be notified to respond with income updates. When incomes are too high to qualify or incomes are not updated, notices of ending dates of coverage will be sent by the state of Oregon. Anyone who loses OHP eligibility will have a special enrollment period of 60 days to enroll in coverage. State health officials are hoping that Oregonians who are found to no longer be eligible for the Oregon Health Plan will enroll in employer-sponsored coverage or a plan offered on the health insurance marketplace that offers subsidized premiums to people earning up to 400% of the federal poverty line. I have hundreds of clients who are amazed at what this coverage costs after factoring their subsidies, reducing the costs they pay.

Our hope and what my agency will be working toward is to make this transition as smooth as possible and help people when we can to have no lapse in health coverage. In addition we have the experience to help. iCover Oregon has been a grant receiving partner agency of the State of Oregon for over five and we will be collaborating with state officials to be ready to take of anyone who wants assistance!